Childcare Center 2 - Enhance Commissioning Drawng Review

Perform a Enhanced Commissioning Drawing Review of LEED certification for the Childcare Center 2 of the Woodlands Delta Project Campus .

EMCR Chiller Forensic Investigation - Baton Rouge, LA

The ExxonMobil Chemical Plant, EMPR Chiller Investigation project consists of the study of the root cause of failures that caused downtime of the EMPR chiller and commissioning of that chiller in place. 

Texas Facility Commission (TFC) - Dr Bob Glaze Laboratory Building Assessment

Dr. Bob Glaze Laboratory Building operation is critical to the State of Texas.  It is the primary goal of this project is to verify the lab meets the requirements of the Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories 5th Ed and principally Item II of these requirements i.e. Validation of Engineering Controls and Environmental, Health & Safety requirements of the State of Texas.
The goa of this project is to maintain the laboratory's  National Institute of Health (NIH) Accreditation.

ExxonMobil - Global Real Estate & Facilities - 5yr IDIQ

Most of the commissioning work we have completed has been for several companies under the ExxonMobil umbrella.  We contract these project through a 5-year Indefinite Date / Indefinite Quantity Contract through the ExxonMobil Global Real Estate and Facilities (GREF) Company.  This contract started in spring 2014 and has enabled us to emerge as a small business while we develop our business internally. 

ExxonMobil - Friendswood Test Facility

By referral from commissioning collgeaues, M3T was requested to provide commissioning service for various projects at the Friendswood Test Facility.  Projects include a 2 equipment upgrade projects and 2 new construction laboratory projects.  For a complete list of projects please click link below.

Kingwood Community Center - LEED Administration

January 01, 2020

By the referral from a landscaping architecture colleague, M3T Cx Authorities was requested to complete the LEED adminstrtion for the renovated King wood Community Center. 


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