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Tarik Mack - COO standing in business suit next to boardwalk railing.

Tarik Mack 
Chief Operations Officer / Commissioning Agent

15+ years commissioning experience

8 Years US Army Sergeant - Active Duty

2 years - Business Finance - Virginia State University


Building Envelop, Building Air Tightness - ABAA 

Career  experience:

Tarik Mack is an integral member of M3T, serving as the Operations Manager, Commissioning (Cx) Technician, and Global Coordinator. With a wealth of experience in direct logistics and technical commissioning spanning over 10 years, Mr. Mack specializes in Mechanical, Sustainability, and Fire and Life Safety Systems.


As the Global Coordinator, Mr. Mack is responsible for coordinating personnel and job site activities across all company projects. He ensures the internal quality and integrity of our services, coordinates our efforts, and has a proven track record in problem-solving. His attention to detail and technical expertise enable him to effectively safeguard the quality and timeline of delivery of service for our mission-critical clients, including ExxonMobil Global Real Estate Facilities Projects IDIQ and CBRE IDIQ.


Mr. Mack's experience is diverse and extensive. He has commissioned a wide range of facilities, including research facilities, laboratories, office complexes, educational facilities, and mission-critical government facilities. His experience and technical know-how make him an invaluable asset to the M3T team.

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